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The importance of lid hygiene. Oil and debris from the glands in the eyelid tend to accumulate on the lid margins and eyelashes, often causing irritation and discomfort. If the accumulation is significant, the lids may stick together, particularly in the morning upon awakening.

Oil glands in the eyelid. To promote eye health it is important to remove oil and debris on a daily basis. LidHygenix was developed by an eye doctor to assist with eyelid cleansing. This gentle, non-irritating solution is specifically formulated for the delicate skin of the eyelids. LidHygenix is also an effective eye makeup remover. Used as part of a daily cleansing regimen, LidHygenix will help foster lid health and hygiene. (Refer to Figure A)

Before Lidhygenix. Eyelid with crusting on the eyelashes. (Refer to Figure B)

After Lidhygenix. The eyelashes after cleansing with LidHygenix. (Refer to Figure C)

Figure A - Oil glands in the eyelid

Figure B - Before LidHygenix

Figure C - After LidHygenix

Hypoallergenic, sting-free formula. Available in liquid and foam.